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RAVE Foundation envisions a region abundant with free play, where we all work together to use soccer, the world’s sport, to inspire youth and support our brilliant communities.

We believe:
  • Play is not a privilege. Play is essential to the growth and wellbeing of all children.
  • A dedicated play space can anchor a community and nurture a child.
  • Through play, everyone belongs.
  • Play brings joy, and joy cultivates wellness.

Our vision is becoming a reality through our 26 by 2026 initiative which will build 26 fields by 2026 in communities where access to free play is limited. Along with providing a place for free play, those fields will anchor programs that support learning, wellness and joy.

Thanks to incredible support, we have completed nine RAVE fields to date, with seven more scheduled to open in 2022.

You’re Invited!
Rave's Vision 50/50 Raffle
Hello, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are aware of the maintenance needed on the Yesler Field along with the goals needing replacement and will be working towards repairing these issues. Thank you!

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