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RAVE Fields are for free play! They are enhanced with RAVE programs that use soccer as a vehicle to inspire youth and strengthen communities.

RAVE FLAGSHIP FIELD at Yesler Terrace Park!

Located in the heart of Seattle, Yesler Terrace is a dynamic, culturally diverse, mixed-income Seattle Housing Authority community with Yesler Terrace Park at its core.

We are proud to be a partner in strengthening the Yesler community with the first RAVE Community Field. This field is intended for free play for all who visit, and will serve as an anchor for soccer – and other healthy activities - in the community.

Partner Field – Opened in 2016

Beverly Park Elementary School

| 1201 South 104th Street, Seattle, Washington

Located in South Seattle, Beverly Park Elementary School was the recipient of an MLS Works 20-in-20 Mini-Pitch in April 2016. It’s a small soccer court. The elementary school also houses a RAVE Partner program, Soccer for Success. It’s core purpose and value align with RAVE’s mission to build small fields and is the first Partner Field in our family.