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small fields. BIG IDEAS.

Play is human and its every child’s right.

Play promotes mental and physical health.

The sport of soccer is a unifier. It crosses cultural boundaries like no other sport.

Soccer can be used to teach, inspire and create connection to community.

SOCCER BUILDS the Whole Healthy Child

Our goal is simple: To use the sport of soccer to make a material impact on the health and wellness of youth in our region. By 2026, we envision a region abundant with fields where our children can play freely, where they are supported, healthy and sound, thanks, in part, to the sport of soccer and all it affords.

How we’ll get there:

26 Fields by 2026

Invest fields for free play in marginalized communities where access to play and green space is scarce.

Support the whole child, from Preschool to High School

Deploy a continuum of programs that use soccer and sport to positively impact youth in three areas:

  • Health
  • Learning
  • Career


RAVE Foundation is excited to announce the location of its next RAVE community field – in the heart of NewHolly, a culturally-rich, diverse and thriving Seattle Housing Authority development located between Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley.

NewHolly kids love soccer, and RAVE is committed to giving them a safe and free place to play!

RAVE’s mission is to build small fields for free play and use soccer as a vehicle to inspire youth and strengthen communities – and we can’t think of a better next spot than NewHolly!

See where we’ll be in NewHolly, and an early draft design sketch HERE.


RAVE Foundation recently invested a mini pitch at Valley Ridge Playfield in SeaTac WA.

Thank you to RAVE partner Delta Air Lines for making this possible – and thank you to the City of SeaTac and Highline Public Schools for their support.

Check out this video of the opening event featuring Sounders FC’s Cristian Roldan, Luis Silva, and the entire Tacoma Defiance HERE.

Another mini pitch is coming soon at Roxhill Elementary in Seattle. Where should the next RAVE Field be? Tell us on social media using #FANS4FIELDS. See what other fans are saying here.

Yesler Terrace Park!

Located in the heart of Seattle, Yesler Terrace is a dynamic, culturally diverse, mixed-income Seattle Housing Authority community with Yesler Terrace Park at its core.

We are proud to be a partner in strengthening the Yesler community with the first RAVE Community Field. This field is intended for free play for all who visit, and will serve as an anchor for soccer – and other healthy activities - in the community.

Partner Field – Opened in 2016

Beverly Park Elementary School

1201 South 104th Street, Seattle, Washington

Located in South Seattle, Beverly Park Elementary School was the recipient of an MLS Works 20-in-20 Mini-Pitch in April 2016. It’s a small soccer court. The elementary school also houses a RAVE Partner program, Soccer for Success. It’s core purpose and value align with RAVE’s mission to build small fields and is the first Partner Field in our family.