RAVE Program

ONE Ball

A ball is your invitation to...

We believe that a soccer ball is an invitation. By providing a soccer ball for a kid, we hope to open doors to a lifetime of positive choices. With a soccer ball, a kid can become physically active, make healthy choices and grow in creativity and confidence. By giving EVERY kid a soccer ball, we empower all kids in the community to be inclusive, healthy, safe, and active... and to play SOCCER.

Delta Air Lines, the Official Airline of Sounders FC and Presenting Sponsor of the RAVE Foundation ONE Ball Program, generously supports RAVE’s goal of providing 100,000 balls to kids in need with sponsorship dollars, matching funds, and volunteer hours. Delta Air Lines matched 3,000 soccer ball donations received from Season Ticket Members this season.


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RAVE Program

RAVE Octagon

Create a culture of inclusive, pop up, free play soccer

Our goal is to foster a culture of inclusive, free play, pick-up, pop-up soccer in our neighboring communities. Find any space, large or small, grass, concrete, a wood pier! Define field boundaries. All you need to bring is a ball (but we can help you with that too). We believe that kids will acquire skills to be creative, gain confidence, and learn to negotiate with other kids from diverse experiences. We invested in the Soccer Octagon to rethink pop up soccer. Check out our Octagon page for more details.

RAVE Program

CAMPS and Clinics

We partner with Sounders FC Academy to provide free RAVE camps and clinics in our target communities. It’s part of our goal to make sure every child has the chance to play soccer and learn important lessons in leadership, competition, collaboration, and fun!

RAVE Program

Science of Soccer

The Seattle Sounders Science of Soccer Program teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math using soccer as the subject. It includes PE, Math and Science lessons fully aligned with Washington State K-12 Learning Standards. To learn more, email

RAVE Program

RAVE/Sounders FC Sports Media Institute

The RAVE/Sounders FC Sports Media Institute gives middle school students in underserved communities the opportunity to gain critical life and classroom skills alongside SFC communications staff and local media experts. This program is available by application only. Learn more here.

RAVE Program

GOALS for Art

In pop-up pick-up soccer, goals can be trash cans, sticks, shoes or any found object. The goals at each RAVE Field will be public art derived from and reflective of the community they inhabit. In the Fall of 2017, Yesler Community Center will host RAVE’s inaugural GOALS for Art program.

In GOALS for Art, kids from the Yesler community will participate in an 8-week after school art club, led by a local artist in residence, in which they will explore art and design techniques using soccer field goals as inspiration. Sounders FC’s All Star Goalkeeper, Stefan Frei, a passionate artist himself, will participate in the program. The resulting creativity, inspiration, and ideas will inform the design of the goals for the new RAVE Field opening at Yesler Park in summer, 2018.

RAVE Initiative


What if RAVE invested all of its programs in one place? Working with an entire community to support one school or group, what would be our collective impact? Could math and literacy scores go up? Could we positively impact attendance? Could we begin to transform a community by using soccer as a tool? To answer this question, RAVE is piloting its new Adopt-a-School Initiative at Bow Lake Elementary in SeaTac, WA. Learn more here.